My Girlfriend Has a Higher Sex Drive: How to Act

When we talk about happiness in romantic relationships, we, most frequently, tend to avoid topics about sex. However, sex is one of the most important things in romantic relationships. Without a single doubt, it takes more than just regular and pleasant sex to build healthy romantic relationships. But still, we should never underestimate the true value of sex when it comes to love. Even when people have been living together for quite some time, they still may have problems with expressing their real desires and wishes to each other. This is why so many people slowly lose their self-esteem and self-confidence. After all, when they can’t share their desires with their partners or can’t fully fulfill the desires of their partners, they begin to feel pretty useless. But don’t forget that Best Single virgo women from Ukraine for dating.

Things become even worse when partners begin to feel guilt due to differences in sex drive, especially when it comes to Russian brides dating. Everyone knows or at least has heard how hot they are. Knowing that it is normal to have different libidos and sexual drives doesn’t help, even for a bit, because this knowledge doesn’t resolve this problem. It won’t be a surprise to know that those reasons can easily cause couples to break up. However, this happens only in those couples in which partners don’t know how to communicate, especially on such very important topics like sex.

How to act to fix a problem with different sex drive in the relationship

Although having a hard conversation is the easiest way to resolve all your problems in romantic relationships, it is also one of the hardest ones. It is widely known that even though people can easily argue about sex, even in couples, we have hard times when it comes to discussing this matter rationally. This happens because we fear to hurt those we love. Sex is a very personal matter, and even one wrong word may traumatize your partner, especially if he or she has problems with their self-esteem. So, especially for those who fear to hurt their partners, we have created this list of things to do to resolve this problem once and for all.

1.      Make sure that there are no other significant problems

Yeah, it is pretty foolish to assume that one day we will completely resolve all our problems. But here we are talking about problems that you should have resolved a long time ago. You see, many different problems may affect your or your partner’s sex drive. For example, you definitely won’t want to have sex if you have issues with money, problems with work, worry about your children or don’t fee support from your partner. This works both ways. So, before doing anything else, make sure that there are no external factors that can negatively affect your mood and sex drive.

2.      Pay attention to factors that can affect your sex drive

Our sex drive is not a constant value. It changes not only with our age, but also depends on our mood, stress, energy levels, and health in general. For example, some people experience a rise of libido after a workout, while others see a completely reverse effect. Another great example is that alcohol makes some people feel hornier and active, while others only want to sleep. Thus, you need to create your own list of factors that raise or decrease your libido. As you have guessed, you should completely exclude the second type of factors from your life.

3.      Analyze your emotions

Your next step is to analyze your own emotions and their effect on your sexual drives. Even your previous unhappy relationships can influence your current sex drive with a new partner. It is crucial to understand that your negative experience in sex with your previous partner, maybe the main reason why you have over sex drive. Also, pay attention to everything that regularly makes you worried or causes stress. You will have to talk to your current partner about all these problems, because your partner may be blaming him or herself for this.

4.     Create a sex schedule

If you see that you can’t start a conversation about this topic with your partner or that all your conversations failed and nothing has changed, then you should start acting. One way to start this conversation again is to create a sex schedule. As you have guessed, you will need to work on this schedule together. Thus, you will manage to find a middle ground suitable for both of you. Yes, this may not be a very romantic thing, but it will help you to deal with tension and stress. Plus, you will have regular sex.

5.     Try other ways of pleasuring your partner

You see, quite often, people in couples see intimacy pretty differently. For this very reason, you need to be in constant search for new ways to please each other. The linear view on sex is not the best approach to it, because it puts limits on you. Instead of drawing a clear border between non-sexual and sexual activities, you need to destroy this border at all. When this is done, you won’t have any tension when your partner wants to kiss you, because you will know that you have no obligation to have sexual intercourse with him or her.

6.     Stop comparing yourself to other people

Too many people believe that the male part of humankind should always want to have sex. First of all, this is no more than a myth because women have approximately the same sex drive as men do. The second reason is that sex is no sport. You don’t need to set records in sex, and you only need to please and be pleased. If it is enough for both of you to have sex once a week, and you both feel satisfied, it means that everything is fine. So, forget about comparing yourself to other men. Your task is to make sure that you and your partner both feel happy and satisfied with your sexual life.

Simple ways to increase your libido

Without a single doubt, the best way to resolve this problem is to find common ground via conversation. However, there is another approach to this problem. If your girlfriend has a higher sex drive, it means that she truly likes you and wants to spend time with you. Simply put, her high sex drive is a clear indicator of her love. So, the other approach is to raise your own sex drive. No, we are not talking about forcing yourself to have sex. Here, we are talking about things that naturally can raise your sex drive.

1.      Work on your body

We have already mentioned that physical exercises can both positively and negatively affect your libido. Even if you are one of those people who see a decrease in sex drive after physical exercises, you still need to visit the gym regularly. It is obvious that the fitter body you have, the better it works. Your overall health directly affects your libido. Plus, exercising helps you to learn more about your body and to control it better. Consequently, you will become better at sex. You can combine this method with the sex schedule. If exercising doesn’t raise your libido, you can schedule visits to the gym and sex for different days

2.      Improve your sleep quality

The lack of sleep can be one of the main reasons behind your low libido. When you feel tired during your day, you make more mistakes, and those mistakes can negatively affect your mood. Thus, your libido will decrease. Furthermore, when you lack quality sleep, your organism functions way worse than when you sleep well. This is due to the fact that when you are losing your sleep, your organism has problems with hormones production. Therefore, your sexual desire will inevitably decrease.

3.      Stick to the healthy diet

We are what we eat, right? Nowadays, we all understand that a proper diet is our ticket to long, healthy, and happy lives. Sadly, most of us believe that we are too busy to care about our diet. Thus, those people tend to eat in fast-food restaurants and pay too much attention to snacks. Of course, in no way, this is a good diet. If you have money, then you should consult with a specialist who will help you to choose a diet. However, we understand that this may not always be an option. In this case, we recommend you visit the website of the World Health Organization. There, type “healthy diet” in the search bar, and you will see basic recommendations.

4.      Try yoga and meditations

It is clear that when it comes to dealing with stress, you can’t immediately stop having stressful situations. You have to work, build your career, and earn money. Surely, with time, you will find a work that will be less stressful and more financially effective, but what can you do now? One of the best ways to deal with stress, just right here and right now, is to practice yoga and meditations. Those two will help you to relax and be calm in every situation. Of course, this will take time too, but you will see the results right after the first lesson.

5.      Alcohol

Way too many articles about dating advice people to use alcohol to help deal with tension and worry. When reading those articles, you need to understand that heavy boozing will only reduce your sex drive. Yes, one bottle of wine on a date won’t harm you and may even help. But it is very easy to overdo it. Also, be careful with medicine. Such things as Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra help with erections, but don’t increase libido. Instead, you can pay attention to natural aphrodisiacs and male enhancers.